Studies Show Winter Will Return! Studies Show Winter Will Return!

Be prepared for cold weather exercise with Apples and Cinnamon Hydration Mix!

Skratch Labs might be the first sports nutrition brand to attempt predicting the weather, but the company is apparently confident enough in its forecasting abilities to make a flavor in the Exercise Hydration Mix line-up that is designed to be consumed hot and used in the cold.  Calling the flavor “Apples & Cinnamon", the company decided against ingredients that only taste like apples and cinnamon instead choosing to use actual apples and actual cinnamon.  While it’s true that Winter has followed Summer and Fall for the last several dozen years (at least) there’s no way to be 100% sure it will happen again.  For a small company with little room for error, that’s a big gamble that Skratch Labs founder Dr. Allen Lim has complete faith in.  “Winter will come,” he said.  “Winter will most definitely come.”

Skratch Labs tested the Apples & Cinnamon Hydration Mix during winter months by producing a small batch for only its best customers and recording data from the study. After careful consideration both for positive response to the flavor and weather predictions for continual winters in the near future, Skratch Labs decided to bring Apples & Cinnamon Hydration Mix to the market as a permanent product.  The company believes this flavor will continue to be a “game changer” for anyone who exerts themselves in cold conditions. CEO Ian MacGregor explained, “You know how great an ice cold drink tastes when it’s hot out?  This is exactly the same, except the complete opposite.”  Explained that way, it makes perfect sense.

Hot Apples and Cinnamon in teh backcountry Photo @TheWideEyedWorld.jpg