We are always looking for ways to be our best and after six years in business, we are proud to share we've taken another step towards that goal. Our entire line of products has been redesigned and renamed to make things a bit simpler. Because as always, simple is good.


Sport Hydration Drink Mix:

What's New?

  • To make it more effective, we've added 10% more sodium to better match what's lost in sweat, resulting in almost double the key electrolytes per liter than leading traditional sports drinks.

  • Now available in two new flavors: Strawberries and Passion Fruit.



Anytime Hydration Drink Mix: 

What's New?

  • We modified the name to make it easier to understand that you can drink it anytime of day, for when you're thirsty, but not sweating.

  • New design and bag shape.

  • Now available in a new Passion Fruit flavor.


Wellness Hydration Drink Mix:

skratch labs wellness hydration drink mix

What's New?

  • New look, new name. Same great taste.

  • NEW Partnership with Remote Area Medical: We are partnering with Remote Area Medical (RAM) along with ePac and All American Seasonings to bring Wellness Hydration Drink Mix to 35,000 people around the country with dehydration caused by everyday illnesses and those located in natural disaster areas.


Sport Recovery Drink Mix:

What's new?

  • We improved the Sport Recovery Drink Mix recipe by adding probiotics (BC30) to help with absorption of protein as well as lactase to make it safer for people who are lactose intolerant.

  • Reformulated to reduce the amount of carbs and increase the amount of protein bringing the carbs to protein ratio to 4:1 (versus 5:1).


Sport Energy Chews:

What's new?