Ride the Rockies by the Numbers Ride the Rockies by the Numbers

Ride the Rockies is no small feat - whether you're talking about miles ridden or eggs cracked!

If you were a rider on Ride the Rockies last week, you likely saw our happy crew of culinary staffers cheering, serving up delicious rice bowls, and sharing stoke + smiles at aid stations along the course. Would you believe we served up...

  • 967 Bowls
  • 210 Cookies (this is just what we sold) realistically we made and handed out around 800 cookies 
  • 202 Mexican Cokes
  • 300 Rice Cakes

And we used...

  • 270 lbs of Rice
  • 60 Heads of Purple Cabbage
  • 1,260 Eggs (it may have been more, but we lost count!) 

We had a blast sharing real food with all of you, and look forward to seeing riders and fans again next year here in the Rockies! Congratulations on an amazing week!