Popsicles From Skratch Popsicles From Skratch

Our real-fruit-flavored Sport Hydration Mix makes some DELICIOUS real-fruit popsicles! 

Our Sport Hydration Mix isn't just any old sports drink out there...so it makes sense that it wouldn't make just any old popsicles! 

That's right! Popsicles! You can use our drink mixes to make cold, refreshing, rehydrating frozen treats at home. Just mix a single serving packet of drink mix with 16 oz of liquid (we recommend water or juice,) then blend up with fresh fruits, berries, or mix-ins ample enough to make 3 cups (24 fl.oz) of popsicle mix and freeze! You'll have enough to make 6 popsicles in a standard mold.

The recipes you see below are some of our favorite concoctions, but we encourage you to experiment with what you have on hand and to play with all of our flavors of Sport Hydration Mix! 

Blueberry Lemonade Popsicles

Mango + Banana + Peach Popsicles

Coconut + Banana Popsicles