Pineapple + Orange Mimosas from Skratch Pineapple + Orange Mimosas from Skratch

Every little accomplishment deserves a sweet celebration (like a fresh + fruity mimosa, from Skratch!)

Even accomplishments that feel small (ie: running a little further than you did last week, exchanging that extra high five with a competitor, navigating a difficult day with grace) deserve a little celebration. Here's one of our favorite "drinkable" ways to raise glasses...from Skratch!

Pineapple + Orange Mimosas from Skratch

Mix the orange juice, pineapple juice and pineapple Skratch together with a whisk to be sure its well combined. 

Split the juice mixture evenly between four champagne flutes. Top with 1-11/2 oz of champagne in each glass. 

Serve each glass topped with two skewered orange Sport Energy Chews and enjoy!

Serves 4.