A Day in the Life of Superhero Jason Donald A Day in the Life of Superhero Jason Donald

Our own Jason Donald shares some perspective on being a superhero at balancing elite sport, family, work and life. 

The saying goes "jack-of-all-trades, master of none," but we aren't so sure about that here at headquarters.  After all, we have our very own Master-of-All-Trades:  Jason Donald.  If you've ever inquired about sponsorship here at Skratch Labs you've likely spoken with him.  He was probably whipping up a batch of waffles, juggling ping pong balls, riding a bike and taking notes all while answering your call.  It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for him, since we know he's an expert at juggling daddy-life, his elite cross-racer life for Foundry Cycles , Skratch Labs life and “The Good Life” all at the same time.

We asked Jason to share with us some perspective on how he balances it all, and what it means to aim high and strive to be the best in all that you do:

What is the first thing you do in the morning? 

Eat a banana. A couple times a week I go for a run and watch the sun rise, after that (and first thing on the other days) I make coffee, breakfast for the kids, for myself and my wife, Kristen, and packman daughter Lexi's lunch.

Your typical breakfast: GO!

 Three eggs, some butter, a homemade waffle, and the banana. The food decision you make in the morning is SO important. Stoking the fire first thing in the morning is the best thing you can do for your body.

Sunrise on the ride into Skratch. About 6am. 

Sunrise on the ride into Skratch. About 6am. 

Between kids, work, life and training for cyclocross/backcountry skiing/mountain biking/trail running — what inspires you to train and stay fit?

I am inspired by being outside. I like to breathe clean air and a lot of it, and I love the feeling of sweating and soreness that I get from pushing myself during a hard activity, whether it is a run, a ride, lifting, or a spirited game of pong with Jeff Kenyon. I also like learning new things about training and flying by the seat of my pants-- I don't have a structure to my program, I do what I want when I want, I just try to be consistent.

What is your typical training day like? 

1-2 hrs of running, riding, or weight exercises. I like kettle bells, boxes to jump on, and anything that requires balance and coordination.

Most parents struggle to just find a few minutes to themselves. Any best advice for them?

Quality not quantity! Its better to push yourself really hard once or twice a week then to drag your feet or go easy 5 days a week. Intensity is what you need to be comfortable with. The work/family-life/exercise balance needs to respected, and that means thinking critically about all these aspects and giving them each an equal amount of time during the week, month, and year.

Whole Foods grocery run in the 'best' shopping cart ever

Whole Foods grocery run in the 'best' shopping cart ever

Walnut chicken dinner, with roasted tomatoes and chinese five-spice, with fresh rice.

Sport is an adventure, but having little people is a whole different adventure. What do you love about being a dad? 

Watching them evolve from babies to real humans. Kids take a long time to become humans and the fact that I get a chance to influence that process is an absolute honor and watching it happen in real time is one of life's most special gifts. 

Fourth place 'prize' at Primalpalooza in 2015 in the men's Open CX race.

You work with sponsorship and athlete ambassadors at Skratch. What do you love about being on our team? 

I am motivated by the people around me at Skratch. I relish the opportunity to create and be a part of a successful team. We are lucky that the business involves such a great product and message, but in the end it's all about the people and creating an environment that allows them to be confident enough to be generous and genuine with our customers.


Berthoud Pass, CO with my brother James.

Berthoud Pass, CO with my brother James.


If juggling sport, family, work and life is your superpower, what's your kryptonite?

Expectations to do well are kryptonite. I am a head case. If my mind is calm, I am calm. If I am calm, I can do anything well. 

Lastly: do you have a favorite quote?

"Whether the weather is fine, whether the weather is not. We'll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we want to or not."