Double Chocolate Chip Recovery Bites Double Chocolate Chip Recovery Bites

Need motivation to workout? These recovery bites will make you want to bust your butt!

Our Sport Recovery Mix is a delicious tasting high calorie recovery drink for athletes that push themselves to their limit. It’s a convenient way to immediately refuel and rehydrate post-workout when you can't make a fresh meal from scratch. While it has a scientifically proven ratio of carbs, fat, protein, and sodium to optimize recovery and performance, it’s the absence of excess chemicals or anything artificial that assures it doesn’t taste like science. Real food. Real recovery. Take your recovery mix to the next level with these recovery bites.


0.7oz chocolate Skratch Recovery Powder
0.5oz coconut flour
2 tsp. cacao powder
1.9oz natural almond butter
0.5fl oz rice malt syrup
1fl oz filtered water
0.2oz cacao nibs
0.3oz raw unsalted walnuts, roughly chopped


1. Combine everything and roll into 5 balls to eat over a week.

2. Put in fridge to set.

Recipe and photo from Skratchlete: @the.bookish.photog