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Follow Gabi and Allen as they motor pace around Boulder and talk about art and cycling.

Watch Skratch athlete, Gabrielle (Gabi) Pilote, talk about her love of art and cycling with Skratch founder Dr. Allen Lim on a day of motor pacing in Boulder, Colorado. 

One of Allen's signature techniques in moto-pacing has been dubbed the "Hand of God" which inspired Gabi's artwork on Allen's helmet and jacket. Take a look:

I like to challenge myself in my art, just as much as I like to challenge myself in training and racing.
— Gabi Pilote

Duality is in everyone's life. We, as humans, need a mix of things in our life to keep us balanced. There is so much more to life than the surface. Gabi is a bike racer, and that may be how most define her, but once you pull back the curtain, you see her passion for art is her more rigid medium and cycling is her release. 

Real Life. Real Skratch.

Film directed and filmed by Sami Sauri []
Featuring Gabrielle Pilote, a Canadian professional racing cyclist [], and Dr. Allen Lim, founder of Skratch Labs and PhD in Physiology.
Edited by Sami Sauri / Co-edit Angus Morton