Skratch sat down with pro triathlete Tyler Butterfield to pick his brain about sport, life, and how he keeps it real!


Skratch Labs: Who are you?

Tyler Butterfield: Tyler Butterfield, Dad, husband, brother, son, and athlete.

Tyler and his wife at a track workout.

Tyler and his wife at a track workout.


SL: : What is your sport of profession?

TB: Triathlon


SL: What is the biggest challenge you face in sport?

TB: Always trying to go faster and not slow down.


SL: How do you ‘keep is real’ when faced with that challenge?

TB: I’m always keeping things pretty real, I think actually distracting yourself, but staying focused at the same time. Basically tricking yourself to get things done.


SL: Do you have a mantra that helps you overcome?

TB: Anything to keep it light hearted and fun.


SL: What’s your favorite Skratch products?

TB: The Engergy Bars and Sport Hydration Mix.


SL: What’s your best joke?

TB: I’ve never been good at telling jokes, so I just act like one.


SL: Any "training hacks" you think the world needs to know?

TB: Not sure what a training hack is, but enjoy it! A happy athlete is a fast athlete.


SL: Finally, what is your favorite Skratch product?

TB: Passion Fruit Sport Hydration Mix! I can go though almost a full bag on a big training day. 


Keeping it Real

Over the next few weeks, Skratch will be exploring how people are "keeping it real" in sport and life. How do you keep it real? Professional athletes do real things and real people do extraordinary things every day. For some, sport is used to push themselves to find the stopping point, where you have reached your “I can’t go any further” moment. For others, their body finds it’s limits for them. For the rest, they are somewhere in between! 


Share your story about how you are “keeping it real” in training or everyday life. Post on Instagram, facebook, and twitter tag @skratchlabs and add #RealSkratch. 



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