Skratch Gift Guide Skratch Gift Guide

Give the gift of a full belly and a hydrated life.

Looking for something to get your active cousin, best friend, aunt, brother, or anyone else on your gift list that counts their net worth in bikes, running shoes, and climbing gear? We’ve got you covered!!

For the person that is always “busy”: Energy bars that are healthy enough to eat as a snack or during a workout, and super portable. Skratch Labs’ Anytime Energy Bars are low in sugar and pack a punch of nut butter to sustain your energy.

For the weekend warrior that needs to stay hydrated during the week: Something tasty to drink at their desk Monday through Friday! The Anytime Hydration Drink Mix was born from Skratch employees wanting something to drink at their desk that tasted like the Sport Hydration but was lower in sugar and electrolytes because we usually aren’t sweating at work. ;)

For the lush that goes to any holiday party with an open bar: The Wellness Hydration Drink Mix is an oral rehydration mix that tastes like slightly salty lemonade. (For best results try to remember to drink it before you go to bed…which can be challenging after your third martini.)

For the endurance athlete that likes to workout for very long periods of time: Sport Energy Chews are fast energy that releases slowly to sustain them through a marathon or another session at the rock wall.

For someone who never stops moving: They have to stop for a second and recover, right? The Sport Recovery Drink Mix will keep them recovered and ready for tomorrow!

For literally everyone: SOCKS!

For the athlete that could always use another kitchen appliance: A recipe book to use the aforementioned appliances! Skratch Labs Founder, Dr. Allen Lim, co-wrote three athlete-focused cookbooks: The Feed Zone Cookbook, Feed Zone Portables, and Feed Zone Table. Give one or all three to keep them entertained and busy in the kitchen! *Bonus: Every book comes with free Skratch Paper!