Gift Ideas from the Skratch Staff Gift Ideas from the Skratch Staff

The eclectic Skratch Family is here to help with your gift giving this holiday season.

Whether you are stumped on what to buy or just brainstorming and want to get to know our staff better, we’ve got plenty of gift ideas for you to get creative with. We like all sorts of things over here at Skratch HQ, so you will find a wide range of ideas for friends and family, their kitchens, their artistic sides, their gear closets, kids, dogs, and everything in between.

Jamie (Part of the “lab” in Skratch Labs, chef, PhD, laser cutter extraordinaire): Jamie suggested a few things that range from something less expensive to grand gift, such as a food scale for those who love to bake, Legos for building something from scratch, a drone, and a good cookbook (hint hint Skratch Labs has three).

Kevin (Call us and he may answer, firefighter, hiker, and unofficial Converse model): As Kevin says, “There aren't many things in modern life that are passed down through generations and remain both beautiful and useful”... Just kidding—that is what The New York Times says about Kevin’s suggestion of a Finex cast iron skillet or dutch oven. His other favorites are handmade ornaments and decorations from his Grandma every year.

Annie (Making Skratch available at a store near you, avocado lover, humble adventurer): The best gifts Annie has been given are things that inspire her to get outside and have fun as she goes! Fun and functional layers—Comfort is king, and hoods are a plus! If you're really looking to amp up the cozy, you can complement the warm layers with an assorted pack of draft lattes from La Colombe coffee—a little bit of caffeine to get them motivated for early mornings and big days.

Eric (In-house music and warehouse talent, die-hard bike commuter, doggie daddy, beer brewer): Dropping knowledge… give your friend or loved one a “how to” class on something useful that you are well versed in and can knowledge share, such as bike packing, bike fixing, form, or a craft or skill such as sewing, building, or even cleaning!

Allen (Skratch Labs roots and beginning, part of the “lab”, PhD, chef, coach, known to make you laugh and drop the f-bomb here and there): To start, keep it simple and classy, a tornado 1951 pen. If you want to expand from there, add in some stationery preferably personalized to the person. Allen is all about thoughtfulness and taking into consideration who you are buying for, don’t just get them a generic gift card to a place they do not go. Pay attention to where they get their morning coffee, buy their books, eat dinners, or where they would like to eat dinner but would not normally treat themselves to—then get them a gift card there. It is all about intimacy!

Tony (He is a backbone in the experience and sales department and the go-to Skratch male model, ex-competitive ski racer, dad): Tony’s prized possession (besides his fam) is his Spyderco pocket knife. A useful tool for taking on the go and MacGyver needs.

Brittany (All those fun things you see on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—she is the brains behind the social operation, dog lover, and rice cake pro): Her sidekick is her pup Denali, so dog gifts are a real win. Pop Your Pup will turn your favorite furry friend into pop art and put it on a shirt, pillow, or canvas print for a fun and unique custom gift.

Ian (Part of the brains behind Skratch and its start, sage of cycling wisdom, dad, fisherman, and outdoor buff): For that person, you love a whole lot...a ski pass, because the gift of pow and shredding cannot be beaten. If that is “a little” over budget, then get a good set of wine glasses that can take a beating and go wherever your adventures take you. Hydroflask, Kleen Kanteen, and YETI, all have great options!

Bruce (Warehouse and Ops agent of awesomeness, keeper of the beer, master of flea market finds): The dynamic duo of quality beer (or beer-of-the-month subscription!) and Skratch is Bruce’s pick. Some beer to dehydrate and Skratch to rehydrate. For your gluten-free pals, this is still a feasible gift, and we recommend Holidaily for your GF beer needs.

Mark S (Master problem solver and spreader of Skratch love, previous collegiate swimmer, skilled snacker, dad): ANYTHING consumable, and anything he does not have to find a place for (minimalist mentality) but he will make an exception for socks. His preference for snacks goes to childhood favorites Enstrom Candies’ toffee and Lifesaver roll booklet.  

Jeff K (Part of the brains behind operations, no need for Strava or MTB project—he knows the local trail systems like the back of his hand, likes to catch his own food, trucker hat collector): Peace & quiet.

Joy (One of the crew behind our email, phone, events and social presence, dog obsessive, dabbler in all the sports, caretaker of everyone she meets): Joy received a TLT Hybrid Jacket from Dynafit that she pretty much lives in. She’s also a big fan of homemade cards and gifts and supporting local. So Etsy, local craft fairs, locally made foods, or getting crafty are great ways to go. Another great option is to donate in the recipient's name to their favorite charity or something they are passionate about.

Jen (Office mama, mama to a human cutie and some fluffy cuties, magical sewing fairy): Jen is all about making things herself. Every year she takes her daughter and they go and pick out fabric to make everyone on their list homemade pajama pants (you can never have enough!). Another winner for her is succulents—plant your own design or order online.

Bri (She keeps our website and emails up and running, gym junkie, homemade candy crafter, Packer backer): A solid pair of airpods or headphones, great for listening to music, and podcasts while doing your favorite activity, traveling, working, or hanging out.

Jeff D (Helping to curate the event and marketing fun from us here at Skratch! Also a dad to two kids and two Frenchies, Boulder’s tallest yogi): For the forgetful person, get them Tiles. The next time they lose something and find it 100x faster they will be calling to thank you profusely.

Unanimously: Give the gift of a “smooth move”...We love the ones here at the office...When the person and place are appropriate, a Squatty Potty is a true gem of a gift!