9 Gift Ideas For The Athlete In Your Life 9 Gift Ideas For The Athlete In Your Life

From hardcore ultra-runners, to climbers of rocks, to roadies, we've got gift ideas for your selfless side!

It's THAT day today. Yes, it is. We won't call it by name, but hey, at the very least it's a wonderful excuse to hook up someone you love with a thoughtful gift from some companies that WE think are cool. Jason Donald, our Athlete Manager and ex-pro cyclist for Garmin Slipstream, has put together a short but sweet list of stuff that he likes. From hardcore ultra-runners, to climbers of rocks, to roadies, we've got options for your selfless side!

1. ROLL Recovery R8

The R8 Massage Roller from Roll Recovery ($119) is great for any active person in your life. The new massage tool is awesome post-long run or ride to help your legs fresh and aid in proper post-exercise recovery. The patented technology self-adjusts to different leg sizes and targets the quads, hamstrings, IT-bands,gluteus,calfs, shins, hip-flexors and more. 

2. Qalo Foxfire Silicone Ring

Haven't seen these? More importantly, haven't you tried one on yet? If you grab things like ski poles, rocks, or handlebars and wear metal rings or wedding bands, once you slide one of these flexible, light, comfy, beauties on, you won't go back! And because you are one of those people that are continually pushing yourself in all your pursuits, sometimes rings slide off and are lost forever. These stylish Qalo silicone rings ($24.95) don't cost much as your last set of race wheels, catastrophe averted.

3. Climbskin Hand Repair

Climbskin ($24.95) is the first hand cream engineered for climbers. The skin absorption and penetration of Climbskin is much higher than wax-based products, so there is deeper hydration, better skin regeneration, and less residue. 

4. Timex IQ+ Move Watch

For the stylish athlete in your life, the new Timex IQ+ Move watch ($149) tracks activity and sleep, with an analog look. Create fitness goals, set alarms and control the hands of your watch with your phone. Bonus: it's water resistant up to 50 meters. 

5. Donkey Label Unisex Base Layer

A good base layer is an essential piece of kit for all athletes. Donkey Label Unisex Base Layer ($55) has longer arms and forward-facing rotated sleeves for a better fit while riding. Take it from Jason: "THE BEST base layer I've ever worn. Everyone who rides a bike and wears tight shorts should have one." 

6. Riding Vest

As Jason says, "Vests are the most essential piece of clothing a road cyclist can own. They keep the core warm, but your arms are free!!" For the guy cyclists, Jason recommends the JDJV Jersey Vest ($145) from Donkey Label and for the ladies, check out Rapha's Brevet Gilet ($120).

7. GIRO Synthe Mips Helmet

The Synthe™ ($270) is the pinnacle of road helmet design, combining the performance gains of an aerodynamic profile and light weight with great cooling power to enhance rider comfort and efficiency in road rides and races. 

Side note: For those of you who have asked about the "Skratch Labs helmet" (pictured below), we have Skratch Labs branded stickers made specifically for the Synthe helmet. If you want one, email us at info@skratchlabs.com! 

8. Yeti Rambler Lowball

Whether it replaces your morning coffee cup or serves as your nightly whiskey glass, the Rambler Lowball's ($19.99) double-wall vacuum insulation will keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold far longer than standard drinkware.  As Jason says, "It's great for a two finger whiskey short pour after a long run or ride."

9. The North Face Fort Point Flannel

Jason says you should check out this Fort Point flannel/jacket ($99.99), "Cuz it's a shirt that acts like a jacket and men are simple, efficient creatures."